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8 Hybrid Strains to Smoke This Fall

Welcome to the time of the year when the high energy of summer has begun to wind down and we’re settling into the more relaxed rhythms of fall. When the sun is hot and outdoor activities are high, it’s a good time for uplifting sativa strains that match your social calendar full of events where you want to feel energized, happy and upbeat. But now that things are calming down before winter, the strains you’re choosing can start to reflect the new season.

Hybrid strains provide a nice balance between the floaty, cerebral high of sativas and the calming, body high from indica strains. They’re usually great to smoke any time of day, though some people may prefer to hold off on strains with heavier indica effects until the end of the day or another time when they can relax into the experience. If you’re looking for some new strains to try out while the leaves turn from green, take a look at the list below for some suggestions on where to start.

A cluster of bright green Gorilla Glue #5 plants rise up against a white background.

Gorilla Glue #5

This potent strain is good for anyone looking to experience the deeply calming effects of an indica strain along with the euphoria of a sativa at the same time. Prepare to feel relaxed and maybe a little sleepy along with a mood boost that will keep you pleasantly serene after just a few puffs.

Bruce Banner

The effects of this heavy hitter come on quick and intense with a mellow but energizing buzz that can lift even the lowest of spirits. It can help relieve stress, depression and even ease body pain and inflammation. Opt for this strain when you want a focused-but-stoney high where you’ll feel uplifted, creative and chill.

Skywalker OG

OG Kush (hybrid) and Skywalker (indica) are responsible for the strong body high and anxiety busting buzz of Skywalker OG. Though this strain is good for taking the edge off of insomnia, it won’t knock you out or keep you couch locked. By helping your body and mind slowly unwind simultaneously, you’ll feel at ease without being drained of energy when you start coming down.


Though you will benefit from the light pain relieving properties of this strain with a controversial name, it’s really known for its high THC content that will leave you feeling super buzzed and blissful. Expect a clear-headed, cerebral high that might be followed by an uptick in your appetite and your mood.

Dr. Who

For people who need deep relaxation but don’t want to feel worn out or lethargic, Dr. Who is a good choice for a buzz that won’t take you out of your comfort zone as long as you keep it moderate. It’s balanced genetics combine Timewreck (sativa) and Mad Scientist (indica) for a strong buzz that does wonders for pain, stress and nausea.

Girl Scout Cookies GSC Cannabis now

Girl Scout Cookies

This quintessential Bay Area strain is both classic and common among smokers who can’t get enough of its rich flavor and sky high effects that come on immediately and linger for awhile. Be ready to feel pleasantly high and in good spirits. If you have a high tolerance, you may be able to still be productive, but not if your tasks require lots of concentration.

A flowering Shangrila plant sits in front of a black background.


Unlike some of the other strains that kick in fast and strong, this slow-building strain starts off mellow before pleasantly sweeping you away into a serene, zen-like high. Try this strain if you need some assistance melting away the stress from demanding schedule, want to decompress after a long day or need some relief from body pain.

springtime strains

Orange Velvet

Like the name suggests, this citrusy strain tastes and smells like orange sherbert and tastes almost like an orange creamsicle with a bit of skunkiness. This is a good choice for anyone who wants a sharp, concentrated high that won’t make them feel wiry or distract them during a busy day full of things to do.

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